The exhibition/ body of work STILL(space of death) it consists of archival and snapshot photos
/Installations that try to explore a possible concept of the existence of a space of death and the
possibility / impossibility of photography to capture and represent it .

It uses as visual material photos
that are referring to different historical incidents and places . 

And combines archival photos and
snapshot photos from monuments that refer to historical incidents. The common denomination of all
the images being the idea of the existence of a space of death either as a specific place / historical event
or a condition that occurs as a result of the presence of the state and society as a continuous repressive
machine,under the structural influence of capitalism in its various forms   

In this exploration as a guide is used the following text taken from Michael Taussing article . Culture
of Terror–Space of Death. Roger Casement’s Putumayo Report and the Explanation of Torture .
Which is an written transcript of an oral story of an Ingano Indian in which he describes his
experience of a death space. In one sense bridging an imaginative non - representational world with
reality and the presence of a non capitalist culture with the capitalist present. And the unbridgeable
difference between representation and experience .

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