In this series of works the images/videos i use source material that comes from the personal
computer archive of the deceased leader of al-quida Osama bin landen. That has become publicly
available since 2017 through the official site of CIA . In this publicly asses-able archive of
almost 300gb of data there are included among other files tens of thousand of images and some
images that bin laden has taken himself . From this archive i select seemingly random images
mostly taken from bin laden personal cameras and corrupted image files found in his archive. With
my seemingly random selection of images i try to give an fragmented glimpse to the mind set of
this controversial figure who is considered perhaps the greatest terrorist mind to date, Through this
assemblage of images i try to examine and propose the possibility for this images no matter how
ordinary or commonplace they may seem to be considered as elements of a possible conceptual
construction that could be analogous to visual machine infernal ,Their explosive possibility being
not in the content of the images but in their status as personal files of a terrorist mastermind and
their similarity to common files found in an average computer. Suggesting the presence of a
possible banality of evil , and the real possibility of the appropriation everyday things , objects ,
files , to be used in terrorist acts , or become part of terrorist propaganda . Notifying the
similarities / possibilities created in our globalized era and the convergence of identities
experiences philosophies that seem otherwise distinct and worlds apart

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